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Secret Santa Soiree 2012

I really didn't want to post about Santa at the start of the New Year so luckily all swap parcels have been sent and received so here we go with a few hours left of 2012!!!
This was my first year taking part in the Secret Santa Soiree organised by Suzanne at Colorodolady and I would definitely take part in or organise something like this again as it was so much fun!!
After a short time of trying to get to know my secret partner without leaving too many comments or liking too many photos I put together a parcel that included a mixture of fabric, shop bought goodies, hand made treats and of course chocolate! The parcel had a long way to go and I was somewhat impressed with the Royal Mail that the parcel actually arrived before Christmas! Little did I know that when it arrived on the shores of New Zealand it would be the hottest day they have had and therefore the chocolate was a little worse for wear!! Fortunately to say that my partner Michell managed to salvage the treats and everything else arrived safely!!
A few days after my trip to the post office a parcel arrived for me - in a huge box!! Boy was I spoilt!
I couldn't wait until Christmas so after a hard day at work this was a lovely treat to come home to. It was also quite funny that my secret Santa was Pip whom I met at the Fat Quarterly retreat this year!! (and will be seeing again in 29 weeks!!!!)
Just look at all these goodies!! I was/am overwhelmed by Pip's generosity - thanks mate!!!
 Gorgeous fabrics, yummy goodies, a new pen for quilty things, notebook, a cute mug ....
 Gorgeous scarf, more yummy goodies, wonderful felt box, Lu Summers tape (!!!!) and cute little Santa's!!
Think I might need to organise some kind of Seasons swap!? Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall? Any takers!?
Right off to see if I can stay awake til the wee hours of 2013!!!


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