Monday, February 6, 2012


So here is the after of my transformation (sorry later than planned - Snow got in the way, very exciting over here in the UK!)

First I applied a layer of primer. I've used a few cheaper shop brand spray paints but now always use my favourite from Rust-Oleum. Reasonably priced and a great range of colours.
A tip for any newbies to spray painting when I first started to use spray paint (rather than a paint brush) I used to think that having to spray a layer of primer and wait for this to dry before applying the actual paint was an unnecessary stage, but think again, applying a layer of primer gives a much better finish.
So after the primer I then applied 2 layers of white gloss. I then found this cute "Create" sign from Hobby craft for 99p and gave this a coat of Berry Pink gloss.

 Out came my glue gun and hey presto a cute and functional place to hang some of my projects!

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