Tuesday, December 21, 2010

* Letter stickers *

Hi everyone no excuse for the lack of blogging lately and this may be the last visit before the New Year so hope everyone is well, enjoying the snow and getting ready for a wonderful Christmas!

On a recent Christmas shopping trip it had been a while since I've visited TK Maxx and I was pleasantly surprised with my visit.
If you don't mind rummaging through the shelves with all the lovely books and stationary you may just come across these:

Now I didn't mind rummaging like a mad woman literally crawling on the floor and re positioning everything on the bottom shelf but it was well and truly worth it as these were a steal!
As it is the start of the Christmas hols here and I am ready for Christmas this year (that's what I'm telling myself anyway!) I have a bit of time to start lots of projects that have been floating around in mind. I have an idea for the vinyl pink ones which hopefully I can share in the New Year until then here was a quick one for my Quilting ideas book:

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