Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Red and aqua everywhere!

Over the summer holidays - yes the SUMMER holidays, it takes me a while, OK several months to post about things - I spent some time in lovely Brussels. This was my first visit and hopefully one day will visit again.
One of the places we visited was the unique structure known as the Atomium. Built for the Expo '58 it has these amazing spheres that are breathtaking from a distance and even more amazing close up.
What got me even more excited was the fab colour combinations inside - red and aqua!
I got more than one strange look when I was there snapping away at the floor and the stair railings! Is that not a normal tourist photo to take!?

Looking up!
Uh oh - looking down!
Up close the spheres were amazing!
Pattern inspiration everywhere!
Red and Aqua stairs! (You don't even know how long it took me to get a decent shot without too many people in it!)
Cool patterned flooring!
Red and aqua stair railings!
How cool would it be to sleep in here!?
Even more of them!
Stunning views ....
and just one more picture of the stairs for the holiday album!

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by Daisy said...

I've been to Brussels too and a glimpse of the Atomium is mandatory so off I went, I wasn't lucky to get so close or inside it however. It was winter, actually xmas, which was a great time of the year to go there, or anywhere for that matter, and the tomium was closed for maintenance of some sort. I did go to Mini Europa, just next door, and it was way too much fun to see all the europeans monuments in miniature and take funny pictures next to them looking like giants (or dorks).
Anyway, red and acqua is always a winning combination right?