Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tutorial revival!

Hi - apologies for the unexpected time out. It was needed!
I have been busy putting together a few things for Christmas, one project is more of my fabric covered buttons and fabric covered button magnets.

These make great little presents.
So for all newbies blog readers and if you fancy a go yourself here is a tutorial revival that I originally posted last June! Enjoy!

Leafletter is a great interactive tool for tutorials so get clicking and it will take you through each stage. As this is a tutorial revival they are no longer a giveaway! Sorry!

(P.S - Pink Stitches is the name that I sell my hand made goodies under - just in case you were wondering!)


muralimanohar said...

Very cool tut. And very cool buttons!

BTW, I got my prize, THANK YOU! :D

Jennifer Paganelli said...

A pink lover like me!!!!