Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ramblings of my crafting adventures?

Yes, uummmm?! That's what on this blog header Crafting adventures ...... well I've been having many adventures lately just not crafty ones!
I know my crafty mojo will return!
Anyways before the Summer holidays I managed to get quite a few sets of my mini lavender pillows made ready to go on Etsy. There I was busying away, plans to get organised and where are they now? In a box on a dusty shelf with the rest of my hand made goodies! I am planning (optimistically hoping) that I will get myself into gear and have them on my Etsy shop at the weekend! If not Etsy then possibly on my Dawanda or Folksy shop. The shops are all very bare!

I really like these new cute designs and they smell wonderful!


Karyn said...

Those are so cute! (and I bet they do smell wonderful)

Feli said...

oooooo.... they are so cute!! I like the heart shaped one. I can imagine the smell.