Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Relax and breath...

Blimey it's been manic around here!!
I really do not know where the time has gone since my last post but it has gone with a whirlwind!
My day job is keeping me mighty busy at the moment! Some of you know I'm in education and although we are soon nearing the summer hols I've never been so busy!
Over the last month and a half any craft or sewing projects have not even entered my mind and there is a nice layer of dust now settled over everything. I have not been catching up with my favourite blogs or been very good at email, so I do apologise!
I've even been tagged twice since being away so will soon get around to that as well.

Any way to cheer up the start of July and hopefully a glimpse of relaxation I went to the shops tonight and came across this lovely little beauty!

One of the Supermarkets here in the UK has teamed up with Cath Kidston to make these lovely shopper bags made from recycled bottles. Plus some of the money goes to Marie Curie Cancer Care. So far I have seen two designs so think I may have to purchase the other one as well!

Anyways it's lovely to be back and hopefully I will get in the habit of posting again.

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Vanessa said...

Welcome back. I know what you mean about life taking over. I could easily not find time to blog, but unfortunately it is part of me now.

I have the Tesco's bag in the flowers. I have had lots of nice comments about it.

Vanessa x