Sunday, January 9, 2022

Happy 2022!

Not sure where the end of 2021 went but it flew by, and here we are in a new year! 

I don't really make New Year resolutions as such, as I know if I write them down I'll never keep them, but this year I have decided to use all the good stuff! 

What does that look like? Well the gorgeous bundles of fabric I've had for years I'm going to use! The good notebooks I'll be scribbling in! The clothing I keep and wear for a special occasion will be worn more often! The good china will be out of the cupboards! You know those sort of things! 

If life has taught me anything over the last few years - use the good things and treasure each day! 

I've already started a few new projects and will hopefully be tackling the pile of WIP's too (but first I need to get them out of their boxes and see what I have to finish!). 

I'm taking part in The Modern Quilt Guild Mini quilt swap as part of Quiltcon, so that will be my main focus to get finished in January! So far it's going to plan! 

When I looked back at what I accomplished last year I was happy, I always think I don't get much done but actually I got more finished that what I thought! 

Happy New Year!!

What quilting / sewing plans do you have for the New Year? 

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